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Welcome to Highlife Powerboat Training, your gateway to an unmatched boating experience in based in Chatham, Kent

About Highlife Powerboat Training

Why Choose Highlife?

What makes Highlife stand out? It’s the perfect fusion of excitement and practicality. Whether you’re a novice seeking the basics or a seasoned mariner looking to refine your skills, our training is designed to prepare you for the reality of boating life.

Local Expertise

Located in the heart of Chatham-Kent, our instructors bring a wealth of local knowledge to enhance your boating experience in this beautiful region.

Real-World Boats

We believe in training you on the boats that most people end up buying. This ensures that your training is not just educational but also as close to the reality of your future boating adventures as possible.

Safety-Driven Culture

Your safety is paramount. Our instructors instill safety procedures as second nature, allowing you to confidently navigate the local waterways.

Comfort and Excellence:

Whether you're a recreational boater or on the commercial route, we provide facilities that prioritise comfort, paired with top-notch instructors, the latest equipment, and vessels.

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Highlife Powerboat Training was born out of a collective vision to create a training center that reflects the local maritime spirit. Our location in Chatham, Kent allows us to offer a unique training experience tailored to the waters of this vibrant community.

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