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RYA Tender Operator

Dive into the world of tender operation with our RYA Tender Operator course. Designed for those who need to safely and effectively operate tenders on superyachts or vessels, this course covers essential skills, including launching, recovery, and maneuvering. Ideal for crew members and enthusiasts, this training leads to the coveted RYA Tender Operator certification.
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RYA Tender Operator

Our RYA Tender Operator course is tailored for individuals looking to master the art of safely and efficiently operating tenders on superyachts and vessels. Whether you’re a crew member with a duty to oversee tender operations or an enthusiast seeking to navigate smaller boats, this course provides the foundation you need. Over the course of this training, you’ll learn key skills such as launching and recovering tenders, handling them with precision, and ensuring the safety of passengers. We prioritize hands-on experience to ensure you’re confident in your ability to perform these tasks effectively. Safety is paramount in tender operations, and our instructors will cover essential safety procedures and protocols. You’ll also become proficient in various aspects of tender handling, including maneuvering in different conditions and understanding the equipment and technologies involved. Upon successful completion of the RYA Tender Operator course, you’ll be awarded the coveted RYA Tender Operator certification. This certification is highly respected and sought after in the maritime industry, making it an excellent addition to your skill set. Join us for this course and master the art of tender operation while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of passengers and crew on superyachts and vessels.

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The RYA Tender Operator course is designed for crew members and individuals who need to operate tenders on superyachts and vessels. It’s also open to boating enthusiasts looking to acquire expertise in tender handling.
The course covers launching and recovering tenders, handling techniques, safety procedures, maneuvering in various conditions, and understanding the equipment and technologies involved in tender operation.
The RYA Tender Operator certification is highly regarded in the maritime industry and demonstrates your proficiency in safe and effective tender operation. It can enhance your career opportunities and provide you with valuable skills for working on superyachts and vessels.

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