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At Highlife Power Boat Training, we’re all about the thrill of life on the water, sailing in boats, and indulging in truly exciting experiences with memorable people.

In fact, our enthusiasm is so contagious that we aim to extend the joy to those who have a passion for adventure, whether they’re beginners eager to set sail or experienced individuals looking to enhance their boating skills. Our goal is to provide more “seat” time on the waves and broaden navigational knowledge.

With this mission in mind, drawing from our collective personal experiences, we’ve established Highlife Power Boat Training to be the kind of school we wished we had during our own learning journeys. Alongside a fun but informative learning environment, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art fast-cruising vessels from the latest generation.

When you embark on the water with us, you’ll experience the thrill and pleasure of a high-end, sophisticated boat while enjoying total comfort and safety, no matter the weather. For those on the commercial route, we offer facilities that ensure your training is conducted in comfort, with top-notch instructors, the latest equipment, and vessels, enabling you to excel in your chosen training courses.